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Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, August 17, 2010

REVIEW #254. Everyone wants to have a good health but it seems the biggest threat to health is our society's environment and lifestyle today. Gladly there are blogs like Health Solutions which offers insights on how to live healthy and tips on a healthy lifestyle.

I know that there are lots of blogs about health out there because it is a good niche but this site is worth reading and following as well.

The blog posts are relatively straightforward and short perhaps in order to adjust to the short attention span of people reading online. They are also full of information though sometimes the shortness of the article also makes the article lost some information.

The Facebook and Twitter add links are okey though I advise for a shorter FB link or even just a link to it since there are still very few followers. I am also wondering why there is a huge white space on the top of the post.

My general suggestion is to add more content, add photos and videos and also work on the layout. Meanwhile here are my ratings...


1. Layout - 5
2. Content - 5
3. Coherence - 7
4. Reach - 2.  Work on reaching more readers and join blog lists and directories.
5. Readability - 7
6. Originality - 7
7. Speed - 9
8. Interaction - 5.  Add more interaction like comment system.
9. Value Added Service - 10
10. Update Frequency - 6
*** Overall Rating - 6.3/10

There goes my review and rating for Health Solutions. Don't forget to visit this blog.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. great site is so poor...that's good critic to get better and better. thank you

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Nice post

  5. In my idea the best way to have a good health is by having a health plan or insurance policy. This will not only help a person to not to worry about the medical expenses but also to maintain their health by having a routine check up.

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