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REVIEW #253. I find the writing style of Mei Velas-Suarin very addictive specially when he talks about the Philippines and about politics. Her new blog, Meilbox which is an offshoot of her former blog, "Light and Shade" had undergone a total makeover. A makeover to a new template and to a new platform.

Mei, the owner of "ASYAnna, The Best of Asia" together with her husband JR Suarin had been a professional media and PR practitioner. She was involved with the supposed campaign of Rep. Teddy Casiño for the Senate, however Teddy decided to giveway. Anyway, Mei had been very active in her blogging and his blog had been a home for inspiration and insight on her personal life.

When I say personal life, it involves her own experiences and insight about life, love and well politics. She even have an article about how she overcomes a love that had hurt her so much and then led her to finding a new one.

I hope Mei will be kind as I begin to rate her blog.


1. Layout - 6.  I like the layout because it's neat and clean.  Why the "6"?  I think the page is too long and it really deserves the "read more" of Word Press.  Just a suggestion though because attention span online is very limited and when a single article gets too long it buries an article which might be interesting for the reader.

2. Content -  10.  I gave the content a perfect 10 because it is very inspiring and very personal.

3. Coherence -  8.  The articles are very coherent though there are times that the topic is at random.  It is still fine I think and nothing to worry about it.

4. Reach - 5. The Alexa Rank for this blog is below 3,000,000 and at the moment still has no Google PR.

5. Readability -  5.  I have problem with the very long page and articles after articles.  I really suggest to add "Read more" for long articles.

6. Originality -  10.  Very original.  This is the reason why I said that this blog is addictive.

7. Speed - 8. The size of this blogs main page is about 94.29KB and loads in 0.73 seconds or an average of 0.01 seconds per kb.

8. Interaction - 2.  Need more interaction life Twitter, FB and others.

9. Value Added Service -  5.  Very minimal value added service and it actually depends on the post.  However, the inspiring posts can have life changing VAS that are sometimes not seen and measured.

10. Update Frequency -  5.  Another busy person and well it would be great to see at least 1-2 articles per day.

*** Overall Rating - 6.4/10

So there you go, I do recommend that people visit Meilbox because there is a meil interesting to read.

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