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For Better People, For Better Life

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, July 21, 2010 , ,

REVIEW #249. It had been a long time since my last review and what a good time to start than with a site which talks about a better life.  Yes folks... indeed... "For Better People" talks about things which we don't usually see in a blog.  From discussions about freedom, beliefs, life and death and others this blog deals with it.

I hope that the author which calls himself Pedro did not stopped from writing in the blog because I really find his writings very interesting.  His last blog post is in April 2010 and talks about an Outrageous propaganda against US President Barack Obama.

Now here is my rating for the blog, "For Better People"


 1. Layout - 7.  A very simple and clean layout.  Nice to the eyes and well good to read.

  2...Content - 10.  I like the content of this blog because it is rare and talks about things which I might say not being written just to have high search engine traffic.

  3. Coherence - 10.  It talks about being a better man... being better people... that is according to the author's perspective of course.

  4. Reach - 4.

  5.  Readability - 9.  Very readable and clean template.

  6. Originality - 10.  Highly original write-ups... well I hope they are :)

  7. Speed - 10.  The site loads in about 0.12 to about 0.5 seconds which is quite fast.

  8. Interaction - 5.  The site is not very interactive though but it provides interaction through the usual blog comment system.

  9. Value Added Service - 6.  New knowledge and deeper understanding of personal virtue and beliefs are the value added service which this blog gives.

  10. Update Frequency - 2.  Well, we have to see more updates hopefully.

   *** Overall Rating - 7.3 / 10

A 7.3 rating is not bad for a blog, so this is indeed a good indication that this blog is worth visiting.  So what are you waiting for?  Please do visit "For Better People."

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