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Eat-Log Mo Well Dan? Is That A Question?

Posted by David D'Angelo Sunday, July 25, 2010 , ,

REVIEW #252.Dan Gerald Gravela, decided to change his blog layout and also the name of his blog.  Dan had really been a person who has lots of sense of humor and also very political at times. His new blog title, "Eat-Log Mo Well Dan?" which dwells on poems, opinions and rants about life looks more subtle and more "emo" than before... though it look better as well.

I had a hard time decoding what the title means and perhaps later, Dan Gerald himself can explain to us why did he come up with, "Eat-Log mo well Dan?". I was wondering if it is a question or something else. Sometimes, I am thinking green and well for those who know what I mean give me smile.

So what's great about this blog... let's see...


1. Layout -  8.  The layout looks good.  Dark, cool and clean.

2. Content -  10.  I love the original poems than Dan puts in this blog.  He puts great effort in it and I congratulate him for that.

3. Coherence -  8.  Very coherent and stays with the topic that is close to his heart.

4. Reach - 1.  Needs to work on this but I know how hard it is to move a Filipino language site into the Alexa ranking.  With frequent updates I am sure that this one will improve its reach.

5. Readability -  10.  I give it a 10 for readability though having a "read more" option will expose more content, this blog seems not in need of that since poems looks bad when they are truncated.

6. Originality -  10.  Very original and even the title is original.

7. Speed - 8. The main page of this blog loads in about 0.76 seconds with an average loading time 0.03 seconds per kb. Not bad and pretty fast as well.

8. Interaction - 2.  Not much interaction except for the usual blog comment.

9.  Value Added Service - 3.  It is great to read poems and political updates but for the person visiting the site there is very small value added service.

10.  Update Frequency -  5.  Dan is a very busy person though he loves his work at home job.  I hope that his blog will be updated at least with 1 post per day.

*** Overall Rating - 6.5/10

Great blog and great work Dan! I hope that you will continue to give us with wonderful Filipino poems which contains inspiring views of the Philippines and the political and social spectrum.

Please do visit "Eat-Log Mo Well Dan?". Thanks for reading!

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