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REVIEW #251. When I first visited Blogger Bookmark I thought that I had stumbled into the website of Handyman. In the Philippines, Handyman is a store which offers do-it-yourself construction and assembly. Well, I said that because the site looks like a construction site or maybe a Daycare Center or Knowledge Website.

The fact is Blogger Bookmark is really a construction site, a knowledge website and a handyman website. Why? Try to browse the website and you will see lots of articles on how you can improve your blogger website. It contains simple tools, widgets and even tips on writing an article.

I never knew about this site until the admin message me and requested for a review just last July 4, 2010. Timely enough I have decided to relaunch and be active with this blog last July 21, 2010.

So here goes my SITE RATINGS:

1. Layout - 10. Well this is the first time I encounter such a layout and it's kinda cool. All of the photos of the posts as well as the icons are very original (and I hope I am right to say that). It is quite fancy.

2. Content - 8. Although I might say that some of the contents are already found in other blogs specially blog tips and such, I still find the content in Blogger Bookmark very helpful.

3. Coherence - 9. Very coherent, although I might say that the site name "Blogger Bookmark" might confused you for a blog that has a collection of various site on blogger :).

4. Reach - 7. Not bad sine it already reach an Alexa Rank of below 700,000 however this site has to work on its Google PR. Perhaps more original articles will do the trick.

5. Readability - 8. Very readable and it offers you a quick link to various aspects of the site.

6. Originality - 6. Well, honestly there are lots of sites like this so I must say that it is not very original.

7. Speed - 9. The size of the main page is 106.3 KB and loads in about 0.1 seconds. Post pages also loads in the same amount of time.

8. Interaction - 8. Well there are lots of possible interactions here. There is the twitter and Facebook link plus the regular comment system.

9. Value Added Service - 8. The value added service that this site offers is the help it provides to fellow bloggers in making their blogs better and in answering key questions in their blogging career.

10. Update Frequency - 9. The site is updated very regularly. Thanks for doing this dude!

*** Overall Rating - 8.2/10

So there you go. For a 16-year old blogger this is not bad. I hope that you continue to develop the passion for blogging. By the way if you want to earn more from blogging you can apply for Google Adsense and Infolinks. These two will be great source of additional income for your blog.

You can also try MyLikes and Sponsored Tweets if you want to earn from Facebook and Twitter. I hope I provided you with help as well.

So there you go... another great blog... Blogger Bookmark!

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  1. Bintoy Says:
  2. Thanks a lot for reviewing my blog, I would say that I am really impressed on how you reviewed my site and it was really honest, about the review:

    Layout: Thank you for appreciating my blog, especially my custom made images, I spent days of hard work on designing my blog and turning it into somewhat like a website.

    Content: I really appreciate it and that is really what my site is for, being helpful =)

    Coherence: I chose Blogger-Bookmark as the domain name with a "-" (dash) for SEO, and with a "Bookmark" because it will really help my blog's SERP on search engines.

    Reach: The domain was created on June 30 2010, and I'm proud to say that for the last 23 days, my blog went up to alexa's rank of currently 600k....and I'm waiting for the next google update for my blog's pagerank =)

    Readability: Thanks again for noticing my blog's readability

    Originality: I really like honest reviews, and I admit that there are really a lot of blogs and websites out there that is of the same niche like my blog, but they mostly focused on Blogger Templates and Hacks...and I focused on designing and with a much more easier way of doing it, and besides having a lot of competitors is a challenge for me to have more original contents

    Speed: Thanks =)

    Interaction: I'm planning of having more service and interaction on my blog, like putting a button that will initiate the Blog trick being discussed.

    Value Added Service: Thanks =)

    Update Frequency: I really love blogging, not for money but for fun =)

    as a 16 years old, I admit that I really have some quite hard times on competing on other professional blogs out there, but that reason also keeps me from being spirited on the challenge.

    Raven of Blogger-Bookmark (By The Way, Are You A Filipino too?)

  3. Thanks for the appreciation and you are welcome as well. Yes, I am also a Filipino and I am from Baliwag, Bulacan. I am also twice your age :) .. by the way if you have the time we need writers at ... do check it out. For every post you make your own adsense will be integrated. Thanks!

  4. Bintoy Says:
  5. Well, I'm from Cagayan De Oro nice to meet you kuya, by the way, about
    I'm really sorry, not because I don't want to but because the site is not of my field and I am not really into news, hehe (Teenager pa po kasi ako),
    but if you want, I'll try to make a good layout for, because honestly the site has some cluttered stuffs ( please don't miss understand me =) ) but still, thank you for the offer.

    and also, I am currently in contract and writing for behind the scene

    Watch this establish international site for about a week, because they will soon launch there Version 2 with all the blogging tools and tips you need =)

    Mabuhay ang Philippines!

  6. Well you can write about technews if you like... well anyway thanks and also thanks for the offer :) Good luck always!

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