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REVIEW #250.  This is my 250th review and what better way to do it than to review the site of a new found friend, Mark Marifosque.  Mark and I met during the ASUS Xtreme Power Club first meeting and well I am impressed with his knowledge on tech stuff.  Hence, I am not surprised when he decided to go for a blog and named it, "Byte-Mark."

"I am not a blogger and though I want to start a blog I never find the time to do it," says Mark when I first asked about blogging. I then invited him to be a writer of Newz Around Us and he did agree and now I am proud to know that he started his very own blog.

It's a new blog and very promising one. I enjoyed reading his first three posts and I know that more will come. I also hope that he will not be lazy to update and post new articles on Byte-Mark.

So how did Byte-Mark score on my review? I would not be too harsh considering it is a relatively new blog thus I will remove some rating criteria and leave it as N/A or Not Applicable for now. Later on we will go back and see the full review on this blog.


 1. Layout - 6. Very simple and definitely need more styling but this one will pass if you are after the content.

  2...Content - 9. Good and unique content so far. Had fun reading it and did found out new information and place to eat..

  3. Coherence - 8. I hope that it will be very coherent, that is a blog about food and tech stuff.

  4. Reach - N/A.

  5.  Readability - 10. Very readable though I hope when the articles increase in number he will be using the "read more" blogger format.

  6. Originality - 10. Very original and very Mark :)

  7. Speed - 10. The main page of the blog is 53.9 KB and loads pretty fast at 0.23 seconds

  8. Interaction - 3. Hope to see more interaction soon.

  9. Value Added Service - 5. Not much added service just yet except for more information. I am hoping that soon it will really be a great blog about food and tech stuff and by then its value added will increase. For now I put this blog in the middle.

  10. Update Frequency - N/A

   *** Overall Rating - 7.63 / 10

Not bad I say for a new site. To Mark, my friend good luck on your new blog and I also invite everyone to do visit Byte-Mark.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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