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Posted by David D'Angelo Thursday, November 5, 2009 ,

REVIEW #244.There are lots of MP3 blogs and websites online so what does this one have to offer?  Well MP3 Weekly is your source of weekly new MP3.  It is the source of MP3 not only from popular bands but also from bands around the world.  It is a fairly new blog and I would love to see it grow and become MP3 Daily.

Serving MP3 is a lot of work specially if you will serve it on a daily basis so I guess this one is only starting up and getting the feel of it. Deva Premal,Gayatri Mantra is this blogs latest post. The author shares what he likes so that other can experience it as well.


  • Layout - 2
  • Content - 9
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 2
  • Readability - 3
  • Originality - 7
  • Overall Rating - 5.50

First impression, the content is promising but the layout needs improvement very badly. No one will dare notice the content if the layout will not be improved. The links are better done with texts rather than post the links as is. A photo of the singer or album will also be great since it will add life and appeal to the blog.

As for the writing and style a little introduction will be great even how short it is. Give people time to stay in your blog and interest them. If people will just search for song they will find it hard to stay since there's nothing much to read.

The rating of each post was good and this blog already has a good start taking into account its PR 1 Google rank.

So if you're looking for the following songs, then you can find them at MP3 Weekly:

  • Beyonce, Irreplaceable
  • Kala, Paper Planes ("Slumdog millionaire" soundtrack)
  • Sunshine Raggae, Bob Marley (+Captain Jack)
  • Russian lullaby, E-type
  • +++ more....

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