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Raves and Rants: Review on Dangerous Grounds

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, October 13, 2009

REVIEW #240. Well as I san through this blog and what contents are posted, I told myself that I could be possibly making another review on dangerous grounds. I remember reviewing a blog months ago and have some negative comments on it and then the author has a not very good feedback and impression of me. But oh well... this is what this site is for anyway. Let's go then to Raves n Rants so what is it about? It is simply about the author's raves and rants and all the fucking things that is happening in this world... well I kinda get carried away already.

Well the thing is the author is actually speaking out the truth and reality in which most of us can't actually tell upfront. Like for example the hundreds of text (SMS) related I.Q. tests in which the end note says, "You have low or no I.Q. if you can't answer this test." I would agree that it kinds of pisses me off sometimes.

The blog is simply the personal take of the author on like and what is happening around him. It was very personal and has an expression of the "living it loud" type. If you are not attuned to cursing and stuff then this is not the blog for you.


  • Layout - 5
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 3
  • Readability - 4
  • Originality - 10
  • Overall Rating - 6.5

I say I give 5 for layout since it seems it will be a better blog if it would have an improve layout. A layout which will give more flavor and color to the blog. It is so black and the posts are not too regular. Am sure this blog would be a lot better if the author would post more.

The readability also suffers because of lack of spacing between paragraphs and the unusual length of sentences. Although in blogging there are times in which you would intentionally not follow grammar and sentence construction it is still advisable to maintain a good and readable paragraph and sentence construction.

This blog indeed has lots of emotions and originality to it and am sure with some improvement it would be a better blog. Although, I do suggest that whatever pain the author is experiencing in life... I would say life is still very beautiful and treasure it... take it from me who from the beginning of my life had many trials and sacrifices.

So folks do visit Raves n Rants and share your thoughts.

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