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Let's Visit the Mountain Spirit Productions

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ,

REVIEW #236. I do not know the link between the title and the content of this blog because it seems not to match but that is okey.  Mountain Spirit Productions is a blog which features a lot of article about developing an online career and enhancing your blogs power.  But that is just one site to it because out of curiosity I checked the main site and found out that.... it is... "A not for profit organization grassroots company. Publishing, investigative reporting, correspondents, photography" Wow!  That was indeed great work.

Another FYI is this, "Currently we are accepting appointments for interviews to write and publish exclusive stories. If you have a story of interest in the area of politics, human interest, religion, faith, current events, community, literature, farming, recreation, national forests, archaeology, space, prophecy, caves, trains, and many more categories, to include your family story, please contact us for an interview. Send a query with a brief outline of your story content and subject matter, its length, and your available times for an interview. Please include a phone number, mailing address, and email."  So if you are up to it then just give it a try.


  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 9
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 1
  • Readability - 8
  • Originality - 9
  • Overall Rating - 7.17

This blog is again very heavy on the frontpage but its coloring which is not heavy on the eyes makes it readable and not very the eyes.  My first suggestion is to definitely use the "Read more" option in Wordpress,  Another suggestion would be to find a more suitable template.

The articles are very educational and a must read for those who want to find out more about getting your niche online and earning from it.  More photos and also videos might also enhance the learning experience.  With a little work and more tweak and promotion am sure that this blog will climbed up the ranking ladded from 13,000,000 to at least within the 1,000,000 mark.

I congratulate the owner of this blog for coming up with such a site.  Indeed everyone must visit Mountain Spirit Productions.

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