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Acts of a Millionaire

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, January 13, 2009 ,

REVIEW #204 | 2009 DEBUT . Millionaire Acts takes the debut review for 2009. I know that I had hibernated for a while and I am glad that blogger like Tyrone trusts our opinion and views on blogs and how we review them. Millionaire Acts is a blog which features entrepreneurship, investments, personal finance, self motivation and more. It is the niche were the blog owner wishes to excel and has the bulk of personal experience. Although I share the fact that there are certain patterns to get rich, everyone have their own unique paths and the content of this blog would definitely help you discover that path.

This blog is relatively new which started only in November of 2008. Has a focus on generating some online passive income through the blog via Adsense and perhaps some affiliate marketing.

What I like about this blog is its unique content. It does not dwell on getting as many posts as one can in order to get SEO but rather contains articles that can really provide insight to those who want to get a jump start in the life of an entrepreneur.


  • Layout - 8
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 4
  • Readability - 10
  • Originality - 8
  • Overall Rating - 8.33

Well the blog is okey and we can't expect a high reach since it only started but 1,400,000+ is a good start for a blog 3 months old. I could only limit my originality rating to 8 since there are lots of make-money blogs but the content here has more original articles and is not copies from others. Layout could be improved a little although I think that the author is giving focus on the articles more than the side dishes.

As a recommendation, I am recommending to my dear readers to read the "Self-Motivation" section of this blog because I always believe that anyone who wish to be successful should have the proper motivation to do it.

So it is now time to take a visit at Millionaire Acts.

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  1. Thank you very much Shen for the review. :)

  2. I am hoping to increase my reach as I market it to attract visitors. I started November 24 and today is Jan. 15 so my blog is just 53 days old. That's less than 2 months with a PR of 1 already. :)

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