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REVIEW #181 (EC ADVERTISER). Handy Tips and Hints is a blog where you can find lots of tips and hints on saving, on information technology, on parenting and more. There maybe one negative side though to the contents provided in this blog and that is the influence of sponsored posts which is clearly seen on the sponsored links and images located in the post. Generally, the hints and tips provided in this blog are based on honest opinion and of course the author's discretion is added in order to provide readers with the truth and factual analysis of things.

Clearly a blog created in order to maximize the potential of earning online and earning through blogging. THe only difference though is that this blog is earning more through sponsored posts rather than affiliate marketing and advertising.


  • Layout - 8
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 7
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 9
  • Originality - 5
  • Overall Rating - 7.50

Lots of blogs are already doing things like this. Most of them are utilizing original posts in order to get earnings from paid advertising. It is of my own opinion that I just gave a 5 on the originality of this blog because for me it seems that the tips and hints are highly influenced by the demands of the sponsors and clients of the post.

I would like to praise the readability and also the effort place in writing the content of this blog for it is also not easy to create a post where your blog focus and identity will be maintained while earning money from it.

So for more tips and hints do check out Handy Tips and Hints.

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  1. Thanks Shen for the honest review! I love it! :D

    As much as I accept blog sponsorship in this blog, I also make sure that I provide the practical tips and hints my readers came for. And also make it a point that I write regular posts in between sponsored ones. :-)

    Blessings to you, shen! :D

  2. Shen Says:
  3. Your welcome and thanks for clarifying that up... good luck and happy earning as well.

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