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Going Through Poh Sze's Moods

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ,

Blogging sure has many faces to it. Blogging had developed from a simple Online Diary to what we call now as blogging for money. Poh Sze's Musing, is a blog which takes us back to what blogging is all about, a personal interaction with the blogger and a revelation of what she is as a person. You may not like what the blogger thinks, says or does but that is what makes here unique.

This is a blog of uniqueness and lots of personal stuff. It may not be done in 100% correct English grammar, nor in 100% general patronage language but am sure it is what makes the blog so Sze-like. An expressive Malaysian girl who loves to talk about assignments, her school and about simple things that make here happy. And by the way I did like her post about how easily we get close to our friends and then so easily that we can get distant too... great topic.


  • Layout - 4
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 7
  • Reach - 1
  • Readability - 6
  • Originality - 10
  • Overall Rating - 5.83

A blog with a very personal content and a very simple layout. Sometimes it is hard to read through the entries because of the way sentences are constructed coupled with the very long and untruncated posts. Sometimes the titles does not reflect the main thought of the post as well so if you want to know what the article is about just read it. There is also lots of unused spaces in the sidebar and I suggest to expand the main post area to increase readability.

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Grab a drink and let's continue reading at Pho Sze's Musings.

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1 Responses to Going Through Poh Sze's Moods

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