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Where's the economy heading now?

Posted by David D'Angelo Monday, August 18, 2008 ,

REVIEW #154 (EC ADVERTISER). Open source economics and a listing of all or mostly all economic indicators is what this blog has to offer. If you are not so familiar with economics you might get lost in the blog, "Where's The Economy Now?" and might say, "Where am I now?". This blog is highly recommended for those who want to see the latest economic trends in real time.

Well I am not so much of an economist but I am an Entrepreneur and I definitely have high regards for blogs which gives focus on the economics. I highly recommend though that the owner do something about the layout since for me it is hard to browse through the site and understand the contents.


  • Layout - 5
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 8
  • Reach - 5
  • Readability - 4
  • Overall Rating - 5.8

The layout really needs improvement so that the data in the blog will be more readable. This is a highly commendable and informative blog with a little retouch it can be very useful to all.

Keep on going and find out Where's the economy heading now by clicking here.


  1. Tom Hanna Says:
  2. Thanks for the review. I hadn't had any comments on the layout prior to this and my whole point with the "At a Glance" summaries was to make things easy to read. I took a second look after reading your review and made a few changes:

    Moved the sidebar to the right to emphasize the posts.

    Bigger font in the post.

    Different headline font that's a little bolder.

    Thanks again and I welcome further comments by you or your readers. There is a contact information page on the site as well as comments area on the posts.

  3. Shen Says:
  4. Your welcome and I am glad to be of help to you and your blog :)

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