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Want to Make Money in Canada? Check this Out!

Posted by David D'Angelo Saturday, August 23, 2008 , ,

REVIEW #158 (EC ADVERTISER). Are you looking for a greener pasture in Canada? Do you like to know how to apply for visa and work in Canada? Then if yes is your answer... this is the blog for you. Canada Visa Application Online Resource is what its title says... it is your online resource to find out the dos and donts as well as various tips in applying for a visa in Canada. This is an ideal blog for anyone who is seeking employment abroad since Canada is one of the primary destinations for professionals like nurses and caregivers.

Although I am not someone who encourages Filipinos to go and look for job abroad nor I am saying that working abroad is the ultimate solution to ones problem for... it is not. This blog by its layout makes it easy for the readers and site visitors to find what they are looking for. The color-scheme as well as branding of the site is really ideal for its purpose.


  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 10
  • Overall Rating - 8.6

Although I know that this is a company blog which aims to get clients to ask for assistance and visa applications I still say that they had a very good layout and they should because if not it will be hard for them to get noticed online.

So if you want to know on how to get to Canada or make money in Canada then visit Canada Visa Application Online Resource.


  1. Apol Says:
  2. Hi Shen, thanks for the blog review. I really appreciate it.

  3. Shen Says:
  4. Thanks for the link to the review and this blog... It is an honor to review your blog.

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