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Posted by David D'Angelo Saturday, August 9, 2008 ,

REVIEW #147 (EC ADVERTISER). There are lots of hype going on now with earning online and many people are trying it out. Of course because of this people are looking out for someone who can at least guide them on where to start... well you can try out The Internet Payee. The blog talks all about the current gain, make and earn money online trend. It is talks about internet banks, internet Paid to click, Yuwie and affiliate program, how to gain more page view and more.

This blog focuses on everything there is to star your own career online. Although personally I am saying that it is not that easy. It takes time, dedication and of course effort before you can really develop your online make money career. But at least thanks to site like this who provides us with a little help.


  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 9
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 6
  • Readability - 8
  • Overall Rating - 7.8

Good readability despite the untruncated postings. Simple layout which makes use fully of the sidebars although there are still a lot of space to use and perhaps he is planning to make use of it for his own blog money making. Commendable color scheme and posting as well.

So now let us learn more and get some tips from The Internet Payee.


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