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It is now 12:45AM here and I am still up. Just finished the 7th review in a row which I already scheduled for publishing. When I first thought of this blog I never expected the very positive reception of the community to my idea and my reviews but now it is different. I have to keep up with review request and my comments and suggestions were being considered. It is with deep honor that I am grateful to all of you and to those blogs whom I already have made a review. Today, I also visited and drop an EC at all of them. (Got to sip some coffee first...)

This was my first blog to have a great reception like this and in fact is also the blog with the most EC credits among my blogs in Entrecard. This would not have been possible if not for you. I do not enjoy that much visits yet because most of the time I fail to make regular drops because I get tied on making a review but I am glad that finally I have 30 readers who are subscribed to this blog. (Sip another drink of coffee).

I am also a very busy person considering I have an organization which I am very passionate with and believes that we can make a difference. So if you have time do check our Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) as well. It is a new type of organization were everyone is welcome. We also have an upcoming project, the 1st World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) in May 2009. But still... I am here giving you the reviews for your blog and giving an honest opinion about it.

I am not an expert in blogging but I say what I see in a blog. I am not saying that my suggestions is fool proof or the best but it was just my simple analysis of the blog I am reviewing... it is for you to follow it or not.

Again my sincerest thanks to everyone. I am grateful that up to this point I have reviewed more that 130 blogs and counting. So if you want a review of your blog just send me a buzz.

If you like what I am doing you can donate to the cause I am supporting or just give some EC for the review. If you do not have any of those well I am still here to do the review.

Again... thanks!


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