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Requiem, Great Art and Interesting Plot

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, August 26, 2008

REVIEW #161 (EC ADVERTISER). I was not at this time a fan of any webcomic but I have heard of them for quite some time. Webcomics are comics which is read online. Some of the good paperback comics that you can buy in the market started the way Requiem: A Dark Sci/Fi Fantasy is now doing and in fact its first volume is already up for grabs in paperback. Based on first impression... this webcomic seems interesting and has a great art to it.

I have not much too say about this blog except for the fact that I will be reading it because it did interest me the same way Death Note thus.


  • Layout - 8
  • Content - 9
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 9

First and foremost I also give my congratulations to this blog and well I hope that I can also have the first volume of this webcomic and read it as well at home... it would indeed be a good token though I know that would be a hard pitch.

So peeps please do visit Requiem: A Dark Sci/Fi Fantasy and enjoy.


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