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His Girl Quest plus Sex, Flirting and More

Posted by David D'Angelo Sunday, August 3, 2008 ,

REVIEW #135. Who would document his search for a girl and how things turn out? Who would dare share his views about sex and tells everyone that he is a voyeur? Who would take a 365 day challenge to search for his girl and broadcast it online? Well if your looking for that person then you better check out My Girl Quest. One guy. One bet with his life: to change it. Just 365 days to do it."... that's what this blog is all about.

Interesting read indeed on the truthfulness and straight forward comments about various issues with finding a girl and searching for that one special girl in your life. He also talks about the relevance of sex in a relationship and how it all ends up to that... plus personal experiences of course. Who is "I" and "P"? Well you better ask the author :P


  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 10
  • Overall Rating - 9.4

Weirdness had it that this blog has no Alexa Data but has a PR of 3 so I give it a 3 rating for Reach... well comparing it to other sites with high Alexa Ranking this blog had a pretty good chance of hitting it big... The thing is I did check this out again and it seems rankwidget is not working as expected so I edited the rank to show its real rating of 8... congrats!

Recommended Reading? Well here goes...
Nice video of the game and nice advertisement.
Well if you want to know what people think are the best places for the first date then check this one out.
Hey bro... I agree with you on this one.

So peeps if you really want to follow this quest plus learn a lot about women then go and visit My Girl Quest.


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