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What Do You Need to Know? Everything!

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, July 9, 2008 ,

REVIEW #101 (EC ADVERTISER). Well this is the beginning of my new review pattern in order to give more excitement to this blog. Well I am wondering if I would really get everything I wanted to know from this blog who claims to publish everything we want to know. Well, why not give Everything You Need to Know a visit and click to find out if what they say is true. A blog which talks about everything from technology to innovation or just some useful tips.

Well when I visited this blog the first post I did try clicking on was the topic about how rich someone would be within the next 10 years. Well I did try it and the blog owner did beat me and was richer. I would be earning 12,101,849 while the blog owner would be earning 13,920,678. That's a good 1.5Million beyond what I would earn... let's hatch a plan!

Anyway I like the content of this blog which also features cool innovations and gadgets and practical helpful hints like the one which talks about measuring your internet speed plus some very eye catching news like the giant LCD ceiling in Beijing.


  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 8
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 8.4

Very simple layout with more Adsense on the sidebar which hopes to earn passive income of course. The content was also great although they are sometimes incoherent or lacks focus but the things is the title of the blog really explains the reason on multiple topics.

So if you are thinking of what you need to know just GO FOR A VISIT TO THIS BLOG.

1 Responses to What Do You Need to Know? Everything!

  1. Hexacool Says:
  2. Thanks for review my blog! I like your new review pattern, it is so easy to read and understand. Keep up the good work! :)

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