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Make That Lamp Vivid!

Posted by David D'Angelo Saturday, July 19, 2008 ,

(EC ADVERTISER). Vivid Lamp is one of the first blogs that I drop my card regularly in Entrecard. That was the time when I only have two blogs enrolled in it. This blog always catches my attention on its posts and articles. It provides ideas for bloggers and internet enthusiasts about many things. Ideas that could really mean a lot to them online and even offline. (Original Review: July 6, 2008)

Articles like that of a vivid news reader or site called Spectra would certainly help bloggers who are looking for articles to bring on their comments and posts or a post which reminds you of the basic things about blogging and how to really focus on it as seen on the article, "The Media is You" are must reads for bloggers.


  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 9.4

I could have given this site a perfect 10 score however I really am not that keen at seeing blogs whose posting are not justified. Justification is a formatting which for me makes the article and the post more readable and at the same time improves the layout.

Other than that Vivid Lamp is a site that will surely catch the readers attention and interests.


  1. Marie Says:
  2. @The Blog Reviewer - Thank you for your generous review of Vivid Lamp, we really appreciate it :)

    We try to ensure that our site lives up to it's motto about "It's all about ideas that spread". Generally, we hope to impart ideas and innovation in areas of technology, social media, marketing, blogging or world wide current events that people can apply to on their daily life.

    We have decided to left justify the format of our site, as some of our content can have many paragraphs of text; (and from our perspective) it is just easier for our readers to read the content of our site with this layout.


  3. Shen Says:
  4. Well different users have different alignment preference but I think you have better understanding of how your site's alignment will be best suited for your audience.

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