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The Kikay Corner is in Blogosphere

Posted by David D'Angelo Thursday, August 7, 2008 ,

REVIEW #116 (EC ADVERTISER). I know I could have missed one advertiser yesterday and I am very sorry about that... not feeling well and I think I have some intestine problems... well am glad I could read a blog again and stop by at Kikay Corner where everything is kikay, girly, pink and sassy. Browsing this corner in the Blogosphere brings me to the initial impression that girls can really get the most out of this blog. (Original Reviw: July 21, 2008)

Kikay Corner features various tips, suggestions and articles about being fashonable and hip. A blog that would be love by girls who are in search for cool fashion. Well she has articles from bags, to jeans, to perfume and to everything that is a real girl would want to know about... well am sure gays would also love to read these articles.


  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 2
  • Readability - 8
  • Overall Rating - 7.4

Articles and posts are really very helpful maybe need more work on the Alexa Ranking... well the thing is this review may be of help in some ways. Will also be putting link list to this blog on all the blogs that I have reviewed so far.

Please visit Kikay Corner now.


  1. Kikay Corner Says:
  2. Thanks for this review! I appreciate the blurb. My site is fairly new, which explains the low ranking. I hope to work on it, though. You're doing a great job! God bless you and happy blogging! ;-)

  3. Shen Says:
  4. Your welcome and good luck on all your endeavors... hope we can exchange links as I add a Link List to The Blog Reviewer.

  5. Kikay Corner Says:
  6. Sure! I'm adding your link in my blogroll. Plus give me a buzz when you're done adding mine. Thanks again! :-)

  7. Shen Says:
  8. Added your site to the Blog Link List and thanks for the article about this review :)

  9. Which plugin you use to make your review post a sticky one lways displays at the top of all posts

  10. Which plugin you use to make your review post a sticky one lways displays at the top of all posts

  11. Shen Says:
  12. To make a post sticky just first publish it for the current date and then edit it again and adjust the date to a future date. That way your post will always be on top. Hope that helps... no widget or tweak needed.

  13. How does Alexa Ranking work?

  14. Shen Says:
  15. Alexa Ranking is based on many things which includes:

    1. Visits from Alexa Toolbar users
    2. Regular visits of other people in your blog
    3. Blog/website hits
    4. Search engine links

    And many others... actually sometimes the Alexa ranking is also a mysterious one... one thing to help your ranking there is through Entrecard... regular droppers and readers also help a lot.

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