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Goodguy and the nihilist's view

Posted by David D'Angelo Sunday, July 6, 2008

A blog which made me search the word "nihilist" in wikipedia and I was surprised by what it means. Nihilist means a person who rejects truth, meaning, value, and the possibility of knowledge. Well looking at the blog I do not see much of a discussion about issues or reality rejection but I just see comic strips... which is somewhat an alternate reality. Goodguy is a blog about Goodguy... a super hero of sorts... well you will surely smile when reading.

Well although some of the languages are really PG for this blog you will certainly find it humorous to a certain level. The illustration are very simple and the dialogues are straight to the point. Each post consist of a 3-panel comic strip which seems to follow the story of Goodguy.

Here is a sample...

  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 7
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 10
  • Overall Rating - 8.8

I have nothing to comment about this blog because as far as I can see the layout suits the purpose of the blog only the content. I find the content a little disturbing but anyway that is my opinion. I am pro-peace and not so much into violence so that influences my rating.

Except for that Goodguy is a good guy's blog with a twist.


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