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Learning Microstock Photography Secrets

Posted by David D'Angelo Thursday, June 26, 2008 ,

Do you want to earn something from your online images and media? Do you want to monetize them? If you do, microstock photography is suited for you. Microstock photography is an increasing trend in photography. It is a break from the traditional way of acquiring photographs and for others a good niche for earning. Microstock photography, also known as micropayment photography, is an offshoot of traditional stock photography. A number of microstock sites also sell vector art, and some sell Flash animations and video, as well as images. Now to get the most out of that you should try and visit Microstock Secrets, a blog dedicated to this topic.

Wikipedia defines Microstock as follows:

What defines a company as a microstock photography company is that they (1) source their images almost exclusively via the Internet, (2) do so from a wider range of photographers than the traditional stock agencies (including a willingness to accept images from "amateurs" and hobbyists), and (3) sell their images at a very low rate (anywhere from $.20 - $10) for a royalty-free image.

Microstock Secrets tries to help internet surfers and enthusiasts to know the rigors behind this trade. The blog is trying to impart vital information that could help rookies to learn the trade and eventually earn from their online media.

One particular topic that interests me is the discussion about The Long Tail of Microstock Photography which discusses the niche and the positive use of the marketing idea.

  • Layout - 7
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This blog has a very good layout and trendy images but again the sidebar can sometime be an eye soar to the visitor so perhaps more widget or at least something to compensate that will improve the layout.

Very informative and useful content that will make readers stay on the site for a long time. So if you want to learn on how you could earn from your photos, images and others, Microstock Secrets is the site for you.


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