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Improve Your Sales... Learn the Secret

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, May 27, 2008 ,

Enhancing sales and reaching a target sales goal is the dream of every marketer, sales agent and in general of all businesses. But are there ways and means by which you can really improve your sales productivity? Well this blog, "Sales Productivity Secrets" says there is and the author shares it online for everyone to read and master.

The blog description reads...

67% of new Sales Managers fail within the first 6 months, most of the rest produce average results. Learn what Elite High-Performance Sales Managers do to consistently out perform their peers.

I agree with this description yet I also know that there is no 100% sure secret in order to be a productive salesman. The basic for this is definitely hard work, dedication and optimism.

Sales Productivity Secrets shares various tips and tools in order to become a productive Sales Manager. It takes on these suggestions based on experiences and reallife learning from the experiences of the author.

One of the articles that quote my attention is the article entitled Time Management - Sales Productivity Black Hole which includes this phrase...

We can't find time or make time.

The only thing we have control over is what we do in the slices of time each day.

Very true indeed and not only in the sales arena but also in our everyday life. Well review focused here is how I rate this site:

  • Layout - 5
  • Content - 9
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 5
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 8.6

The layout needs improvement though I admire and commend the rich content. Perhaps more pictures and a Read More option on the long articles can help enhance the reading experience and site layout. Improvement in the sidebar will also be very helpful.

So for your salesmanship tips let's visit Sales Productivity Secrets.

1 Responses to Improve Your Sales... Learn the Secret

  1. Thank you for investing your time in reviewing my site. Your suggestions on how to improve my blog are helpful and timely as I am in the process of redesigning the layout in the next few days. Thanks again.

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