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Pat King's Commendable Fitness Club

Posted by David D'Angelo Friday, April 11, 2008 ,

Pat King's Fitness Life Club has one of the coolest headers I had seen in Entrecard at the moment and also has one of the most commendable layouts yet. Perhaps that is because in order to talk about fitness your blog should also look fit, well and has that energy to share to the readers.

Categories were arranged like side menus and the top menu though simple is very relevant to his blog. Wow! This blog has lots of features as well and lot of things to share. So who is Pat King and what is his right to talk about fitness anyway?

Pat King is a Nationally Renowned Health & Fitness Guru! He has worked in the Health & Fitness field for 12 years and has dedicated his life to spreading the importance of living a conscious healthy life. He had been a teacher in the field and last year started his own Health & Fitness training and developing company. Pat teaches seminars in several states which include Professional Development & Leadership trainings for Fitness Professionals and Health Empowerment seminars for corporations and the general public. Pat’s passion for Health & Fitness proves true in the TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL seminars that he teaches. Pat hopes to release the first of a series of books in January of 2008 which are what he says to be the answer to the Health Crisis in America. Pat believes that he holds the secrets that will change the way people view there health and how it effects others.

So I leave you with that introduction he made in his blog. His mission as stated also in his blog is, "To use my extensive knowledge of health and fitness to deliver the absolute best interactive websites for FREE to assist you in achieving Ultimate Health. To deliver first class services and products the will propel you in to living a happier, healthier, conscious and purposeful life. To ALWAYS serve you with honor and integrity!" Thanks a lot for that! Am sure a lot of people needs relevant and expert advise when it comes to health.

I highly recommend this blog for those who are looking for advise and tips on how to get fit and well. Like other previous reviews with sites related to Health and Fitness this one can be lined up to those I previously review as a must read and visit blog.

Some of the articles which might help you includes:
And if you have direct questions you can as well Ask Pat King.

  • Layout - 10
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 9.6

This is perhaps one of the highest or the highest rating so far that I have made for a blog and well this blog deserves it. If in doubt you can always visit and check out Pat King's Fitness Life Club.


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