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Let's think out loud

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, April 15, 2008 , ,

There is no harm in thinking out loud and this is what the blog of the same name wishes to do. Thinking Out Loud is a blog by Valerie Morrison which contains her ramblings and rants about life... thus he has hundred to rant and ramble about. From latest news to very astounding pictures to helpful money making and saving tips you can find it here.

The blog layout done in WordPress is very simple. It consist of a 2-column layout with just the basic widgets. It's not your usual blog with overwhelming widgets which helps the author generate money from his blog.

It is rich and content and has very creative articles and opinions which provides very useful insights about various topics. She also has a regular weekly post called "Money Monday Tip" with the current tip at #20.


  • Layout - 8
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 8.8

I admire the pictures and simplicity of this blog. So what are you waiting for come and visit Thinking Out Loud now.


  1. Natural Says:
  2. Thanks Shen for the great review. It's always nice to get feed back, especially when it's positive. You've made my day!

  3. Shen Says:
  4. Your welcome... hope you can also refer this blog to your friends.

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