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Duckeldannys Money Blog Is Not All About Money

Posted by David D'Angelo Thursday, April 10, 2008 , ,

Here is a fresh review from me after a while of hiatus because of vacation... well let me begin with Duckeldannys Money Blog which is after all not all about money because there are more than just money making in the posts. The color scheme is a favorite since it is green. The page strip is also cool although it is an advertisement.

The blog contains lots and lots of personal money making tools for the bloggers and well a huge advertisement space from Project Wonderful at the bottom with 12 ad space capacity each has a price tag of $0.02. I say it is a good idea since commonly it will always be full making the blog earn about $0.24 a day. There is also a huge ad space at the left side with two project wonderful spots costing $0.30 which raises up his daily earnings to around $0.84 per day

His earnings for this month was also superb for he earn around $169.14, not bad which is in our country almost close to the minimum wage. It is said that a blogger can earn as much as $500+ per month using his blog and no wonder this blog soon will surpass that mark. Check out his March 2008 earnings and you could also get some hint on where to sign up and generate a good blog income.

Besides this money making gadgets installed Dukkeldanny's Blog also shares tips to bloggers on how to earn from their blogs and makes it as a part of his advocacy. Well this is indeed a good example since sharing tips like this will make the blogosphere more powerful, diverse and productive.

The blog is also home to technology updates and reviews. If you want to see some of the latest technology with a touch of how the blog author feels about it then you should come and visit Duckeldannys Money Blog.

Now for the ratings...


  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 8
  • Coherence - 8
  • Reach - 8
  • Readability - 7
  • Overall Rating - 7.8

Here are a few recommendations. There are some huge spaces that needs to be filled and distorts the overall layout. Readability needs to be improved because sometimes real articles or posts gets mixed up with advertisements.

By the way you can also be a guest poster in this blog... so take this chance!

End note... what's with the header? Just wondering its relevance.


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