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Bec's Quest to Work at Home Full Time

Posted by David D'Angelo Saturday, April 26, 2008 ,

With 142 dedicated readers Bec is on her way to earn at home full time. Bec is a 27 year old Canadian who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. She have a BA from Canada and a post graduate diploma from London, UK. Seems to be a lot for a full time online worker. Getting money online is not a stable income but when it do become stable you will never know how much you can earn. This is Bec's Life and her journey towards online earnings.

My goal is to create an interactive online community where I will share all of my tips and trials and errors with my readers. Since shortly after I went online in 1995, I have always had some sort of website. While sitting at my desk at work I just couldn't help but think that I would be better off spending my 8 hours a day working at home. I could control my income and best of all catch up with and share what is happening in the world of Internet Marketing today. Internet Marketing has always been a passion of mine and I am really excited to be doing it full-time!
Those are really high end goals which sets a new trend in online business and marketing. Not many have great success with online marketing but as time goes by and as more advertisers see the internet as a viable marketplace working at home and utilizing the power of the net to earn is becoming more and more attractive.

Her blog contains lots of her affiliate links which will help you monetize your blog and website and also help her generate income for every signup. She guide you and you helped her through the referrals.

The blog is not 100% about making money online but also about her personal life together with her family. One of those personal features is about her travel to Singapore, South Africa and Thailand which includes pictures of the holiday trip.

  • Layout - 6
  • Content - 8
  • Coherence - 7
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 8
  • Overall Rating - 7.6

The layout is a simple 2-column blog but the thing is because of the heavy use of pictures and lots of images on the page the loading is greatly slowed down. Use of thumbnails will not harm and it will also make loading faster.

Lots of red underlines as links makes readers confused them for text ads. I hope that it is not a technique to lure users to click on those ads believing that they are legitimate links. This also puts a negative effect on the readability of the blog.

I do not know if Bec had achieved his goal in blogging so we better ask her if she does and ask for guidance on how to realize that dream as well. For now if would be best to visit Bec's Life and accompany her in the journey.

Don't forget to check out a post regarding a new site which offers traffic exchange and is called TrafficEra which bEc says is too addicting. Maybe I should check this site as well and see what benefits it can give us.

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