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Your News is everybody's news

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ,

Well the title of this blog is very simple... "Your News" and that is what the blog offers tons and tons of news in one location and in one blog. The author provides personal news commentaries and views on various news as well as on clips and movies. Besides this the blog links to various rss which includes world news, politics and entertainment news from various sites around the globe.

The blog is full feature packed. It even includes a Muslim Prayer time guide which I find very helpful to our Muslim brothers. And even though it is full packed it is properly labeled so the visitor will not go missing in this blog.

If there is one thing that needs improvement that is the header portion of the blog. The links at the top cannot be seen thus you will ask yourself what does these links say. The only recognizable thing is the big RSS icon at the corner.

Lots of bookmarking and statistics tools as well as some widgets to help the site owner earn some bucks is also installed in the blog. The only downside of feature packed blogs is the loading time and the tendency to be slower than some sites.

Another caution on such blog as well is the tendency of visitors to experience information overload and thus they cannot decide on what to read and where to go... lots of features means lots of diversions as well for visitors. On the good side however, lots of features means the greater is the chance for you to be found on the net.


  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 7
  • Reach - 4
  • Readability - 7
  • Overall Rating - 7.4

So that's the ratings and now let us check the latest news at Your News!


  1. J H Says:
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  3. Shen Says:
  4. I am glad that many have read this post and that my review did help. If you want a review just message me at Entrecard or e-mail me...

    Thanks again!

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