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Welcome to the School Pad!

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ,

This is your place outside the school. The School Pad offers commentaries and help guide for students mainly in the United States but also for students around the world. From worthwhile internet tips, to studying guide and perhaps soon also guide to various subjects and issues related to school.

The blog is relatively new with only 9 posts but I can say that it has a bright future ahead for lots of students will find the contents being catered by this blog very helpful. ANd in the author's own words...

"I've often laid in my bed thinking about the differences between my schools. Whether it be the culture, the cafeteria, the teaching methods, their book choices, etc.. So this blog will be a reflection of those as I analyze these memories and figure out how a student (and my classmates) actually felt about these choices- rather than what the adults "thought" was best."

So there you have it... a blog that will be filled with lots of posts based on the author and his classmates experiences about various things in school which can then serve as a guide for every students own personal experience.

The School Pad is a very simple blog with simple and readable layout. I find its Firefox plugin post very helpful and entertaining as well particularly the image attached in that post. I personally agree that Firefox is way better student friendly than Internet Explorer.

Another interesting article would be "The Evils of Powerpoint" because I had experience with those as well. I find it really annoying when people make powerpoints and the wording in the powerpoint will also be the words and sentences that they will say... so what's the use of the presentation in the first place?

I have this teacher who reads powerpoint presentations verbatim for his "lessons". Perhaps that is why most of us end up asleep or on cloud nine after a short minutes. The fact that he reads a lot slower than I do, and he repeats himself particularly aggravates me: I could read it faster.

That would be the same experience and comment I would have if I am in the same situation. Well, now to my ratings...

  • Layout - 7
  • Content - 5
  • Coherence - 9
  • Reach - 1
  • Readability - 9
  • Overall Rating - 6.2

The middle score of 5 on the content is due to the fact that the blog is relatively new and not much content was published but definitely it will have a rich content as it progresses.

So... as a closing I bid good luck for the author of The School Pad and invite students and non-students alike to come and visit this site.


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