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Posted by David D'Angelo Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome everyone! This is a blog which I made in order to utilize the richness of Entrecard and during my daily visit and drops there I will choose blogs to review and give them ratings of 1-5 (5 being the highest) based on the following:

  • Layout - this pertains to the overall layout of the blog
  • Content - quality of the content of the blog as well as topics discussed and originality
  • Coherence - this refers to the coherence of the content based on the purpose of the blog
  • Reach - reach and popularity of the blog
  • Readability - readability of the contents and easiness of navigation
  • Originality - uniqueness and creativity of the blog.
  • Overall Rating - average of the ratings above.

For everyone I am also asking for a modest contribution of at least 500 EC to do the review to help me advertise my other blogs. Today before the year end I will try to make a return on the review of Entrecarders blog but will also open up the chance to review other blog sites and website for a minimum donation of US5.00.

You can also submit your blog for review at or just text me with your blog url at +63 916 545 0452 (Globe) and +63 908 729 1578 (Smart) .. this is only my personal opinion and review so I hope that no one will flame me. For more special review features and random giveaways read on...

  • 50th Review Bonus - this is given to the blog being reviewed on 50 review intervals, 100th, 150th, 200th and so on. For now they are given one huge screenshot pic and a 2-week free 125 x 125 Ad worth 1,000 EC. Sometimes the review will not come in sequence since I also use scheduled publishing.
  • EC Advertiser - I will make a random review of my EC advertiser. Well would try to keep updated.
I am no expert but I had been in the net for 14 years and have various experiences online and had surfed many websites along the way. I hope that I can be of service to you and can help improve your blogs and website.


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  1. Hi Shen,

    Nice site you have here. All bloggers like to have their blog reviewed so thanks for providing that service. We appreciate it!

  2. Shen Says:
  3. Your welcome and it is an honor to provide this service.

  4. great idea shen!

    and i think it would be more value if you give some idea or solution on a sparseness finding.


    so, let's start with mine!

    and thank you for using my template. in future, i have a plan to list all blog wearing my template like yours. :) keep happy blogging.


  5. Lyon Says:
  6. Cheers for this, I'm always open to constructive criticism and feedback!
    My blog:

  7. Shen Says:
  8. Thanks for the warm comments and I will do my best to review sites... thanks!

  9. What a great idea! I love your reviews. Thanks for the excellent service.

  10. nick Says:
  11. nice one.. good luck

  12. Shireishou Says:
  13. AMAZING! U have great idea. I just see U reviewed my senpai site (balidreamhome) . I also follow entrecard but my connection too slow to drop a card (I must turn off image if I want blogwalking)
    Good luck for the new blog ^^

  14. Shen Says:
  15. Thanks and I will also make a review of the sites of those who had commented here who are also Entrecard members...

    It is an honor to be of service...

    If you are interested in joining an organization for a cause please visit

  16. Hi,

    Let us know what you think of our site when you get a chance. It is always nice to have a different perspective.


  17. Entrepreneur Says:
  18. Would love to know your thoughts.

  19. Entrepreneur Says:
  20. Thanks so much for the review :)

  21. Thanks t you buddy for showing me how I can improve my blog, have a great day..cheers!!qbspz

  22. This is pretty cool, can you review mine?

  23. Gregorio Says:
  24. I like the idea and would welcome a review of my site.

  25. BoBo Says:
  26. Howdy, found you through EntreCard. This is an excellent idea. I am a newbie blogger (just started 1 month ago). I have two political and one personal (my "other side"). I would definitely appreciate a review of my sites..I'm still not real sure what the heck I'm doing! LOL.

    Thanks for this great service! You can find my political blog through my signature link..the other is at

    Bob O

  27. BoBo Says:
  28. Just realized this links to the profile page...I should state..I am just a contributor to the BigBoomBloggers..that is not one of my blogs.

    Bob O

  29. Cidahmed Says:
  30. Hi,
    Like evry blogger or new blogger I'm looking for blog reveiew. I'm even offering 40ec for the first blog reveiew...
    Here's my place
    See you there

  31. Rahul P Says:
  32. WOnderful job you are doing, can you kindly review my blog?

    I can even pay for your services in ECs if you ask for a reasonable price .

  33. Shen Says:
  34. Thanks for all your messages. To those who are asking for a blog review I will be on it just be patient with me okey :)


  35. Rachel Says:
  36. With new blogs being added every day you are going to be one busy blogger lol. Very cool, I am going to book mark this and email you my site!

    The baked blogger

  37. Now this thing really blowing my mind

    "posted by Shen at 4:25 AM on Mar 8, 2009"

    How it could be possible shen -We all are still in 2008 ( I guess :-) )

  38. Shen Says:
  39. I just advanced the date so that the post will remain on top :)

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  41. Excellent idea. If you'd like to review my automotive blog, please stop by and check out to see what I'm blogging about. I found you via Entrecard and dropped my card, by the way.

  42. ArahMan7 Says:
  43. Just want to thank you for advertising your EntreCard on Web Directory.

    Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

  44. Rai Says:
  45. Hi Shen,

    Wow, you seem to be a busy blogger with all of us asking you to review our blogs :)

    Anyway, it would be great if you will spend a little quality time with my blog

    Thank you and mabuhay :D

  46. Les Becker Says:
  47. I would love a review of my blog. I'm always interested in knowing what other bloggers think of my space.

  48. Les Becker Says:
  49. Ooops! Sorry... the blog I'd like reviewed is here:

  50. wilson Says:
  51. hello, shen. thanks for providing this cool service for all of the bloggers...

    If you don't mind, speak out your view about my blog here:

    All the best, mate.


  52. Sheta Says:
  53. Hi there! Found you via EntreCard, and would love to know what you think of my decidedly unusual blog:

    Thanks! :)

  54. wow awesome post you got here very informative
    i just want to inform you that your link was included on my blog at worldwide link Love

  55. MOGS Says:
  56. Care to have a go at us?


  57. Jennifer Says:
  58. This is a great idea and a great blog. I just found you through entrecard and I'm glad I did. When you find the time, I'd love it if you could review by blog
    almost 2 months old. Thanks.

  59. Alex Says:
  60. Great idea! If you're interested in Microstock photography (earning money with the pics you already took), give my site a shot:

    And be sure to click on my Entrecard :)

    Greetings from Germany!

  61. Eric Says:
  62. Good website, I will appreciate it if you can review my blog

    Thank you!

  63. We would love to read your reviews about our sites. ;)

  64. Shen Says:
  65. Thanks for your continued support and patronage. I had been busy recently that's why I was not able to post any new reviews. I am also active with Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD), Inc. which is a cause oriented organization.

    If you want to join just visit

    Will be again making reviews for everyone...

  66. Ankit Says:
  67. gr8 idea man.........

    plz review mine

  68. Jena Isle Says:
  69. Thanks Shen/Phil for dropping by my blog to wish me luck. The purpose of your blog is very significant, I hope I will be able to implement all of your suggestions eventually, as I am a newbie and barely 4 months into blogging.

    Happy blogging too.

  70. JennWasHere Says:
  71. Hope you could feature my blog, too:

  72. Shen Says:
  73. Don't worry will be reviewing all your blogs one at a time... thanks for adding the comment and visiting this blog!

  74. Marie Says:
  75. If you are still interested and doing reviews, you can check out 2 of our sites:



  76. Hey shen, found you through entrecard. Its a very nice thing you are doing. Great idea. Can you review my blog also.

  77. Wenbin Says:
  78. What a great service you are providing and what a nice blog you have. I would be honored to be reviewed by your site.

    Better Interpersonal Communication

  79. Anonymous Says:
  80. Check mine out at if you have time. yes, you are providing a service that many people could benefit from.


  81. Haute in LA Says:
  82. Do be kind with your rating! Please...

  83. Nice site, I hope that you might choose my blog to review at some point. It is

  84. torasham Says:
  85. good idea...try mine and please give a solution..thanks.

  86. Bill Says:
  87. I see that you are very busy here when ever you can just take a quick look at mine. Thanks in advance.

  88. Bond Says:
  89. Shen: I have been reviewed before, but never turn down a look from a different set of eyes...

    You are too expensive for em to advertise on just yet - i blew a ton of my EC credits before finding you!


  90. Shen Says:
  91. Thanks for all your support. For those requesting for a review, I will be reviewing your blog so don't worry :)

  92. hi shen, so great to see you do review for everybody.

    I would like to request a blog review for my blog to improve too ^^

    Btw, i have linked you in

    Can you please do a blog review for my blog and do a link exchange too ?

    Hope to hear from you soon ^^

  93. Thanks shen !! I'm waiting for the blog review =)

    Btw, do you mind to do a link back to my blog ?

    I have linked you at

    Thanks shen !! ^^

  94. Shen Says:
  95. Just finishing some of the reviews that are requested... I am doing the request review on a first-come-first-serve basis as well... sorry for the delays :)

  96. Shen Says:
  97. Finally I have made a review of all the blogs who made a comment here... that was tiring but very enjoyable...

    Thanks for all your support... happy to review all your blogs.

  98. entrepgirl Says:
  99. hi! thanks for the recommendation you left on my entrecard account. i appreciate it. is it ok for you to write your review of my blog here in your Blog Reviewer site along with your ratings of my blog for each of your criteria? thanks!

    i'll be linking your site to my blog, i think your site is a great way of providing insights about blogs and sites not usually noticed by others or overlooked by some. hope you keep on reviewing!

  100. noni Says:
  101. hi

    my blog: untouchable EARTH

    looking for your opinion....perspective


  102. WebbieStuffs Says:
  103. This is great! People just love your work here on reviewinf. By the way, I do have two Entrecard accounts and i would like to like up for the review. How would i do that?

  104. anajz Says:
  105. What a great idea!
    Knowing what others think is always a good thing...even if the review proves to be less than positive.:)

  106. Shen Says:
  107. Thanks everyone! I would love to review all of your blogs... if it is not too much I also accept 500 EC as donation.. and for that you can add 2 custom links to the review plus a screenshot.



  108. Hi Shen!

    I stumble upon your blog reviews and I would like to be reviewed by you. Kindly let me know what to do to have a review from you. I am a new blogger and I would like an honest review to develop more my blog and to see what is lacking and what I am doing great, if there is... hehehehe.

    Thanks so much and love lots!

  109. Shen Says:
  110. If you want to be reviewed just click this link for the special review

    ... or just stay put and I will make a review of your blog soon...

    Just taking time based on the current que and request

  111. shun2u Says:
  112. my blog..

  113. Jeff Says:
  114. It looks as though I'm getting here a bit late (or very late) but I would certainly appreciate having my blog reviewed! Thanks...


  115. Shen Says:
  116. No review is too late in this blog... will do a review of your blog... just be patient :)

  117. Avatar Says:
  118. Dear All,

    My blog was reviewed by Shen some time back. I really appreciated Shen for taking his time out to review my blog. Got some good pointers from him on how to improve my blog as well.

    Shen, just wanted to say keep up the good work. Hope your blog continues to grow :)

  119. Shen Says:
  120. Your welcome and I really hope so as well that you will continue to trust me on what I do.

  121. Thanks for reviewing my site

  122. Dollar dude Says:
  123. All the best for your blog to get good PR in next update. Please critique my blog-

  124. Tim Says:
  125. Whenever I access your blog from Firefox I get them following popup

    "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


  126. rgapeli Says:
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  128. Shen Says:
  129. Thanks for the tip.

    By the way I remove the adbrite link to this site... it seems that is causing the problem.

  130. Hicham Says:
  131. Hi Shen,

    If you are interested in my blog, you are welcome to advertise over my blog via EC. I currently have other blogs in advertising queue so do drop yours.

    I'll inform you once the ad is running so you can review mine.

  132. hey hey :) tag your it! hehehe :) I loved your butterfly award hope you dont mind me twisting it around a bit for yah :)

  133. Shen Says:
  134. That's ok... no problem and thanks as well.

  135. BuLe Says:
  136. Nice service for your website.
    Please review mine.

  137. Excellent idea here Shen. Great work. I sent my request to adverstise on your blog from Love to hear your review!

  138. Hi Shen, I would appreciate if you could provide a review on my newly launched blog last November 2008 only.

  139. Shen Says:
  140. All reviews are done... the remaining review request will be processed within the week. Thanks for the support everyone!

  141. Darwin Says:
  142. I hope you can review my site anytime soon, Kabayan.

    Mabuhay ka!

  143. Anonymous Says:
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