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Technology Preview at the Pixel-Shack

Posted by David D'Angelo Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ,

Well at first I was wondering what this blog is all about. It features gadgets which are sometimes crude and not very useful the way I see it. Then it come to me that Pixel-Shack looks at new and interesting technology, gadgets and more... including the weird ones. It is a blog that reviews the newest gadget to hit the market.

It gives an honest opinion on funky and cool gadgets as well as gadgets that you will wonder why they had been invented on the first place. Some gadgets that I notice that make me smile was the "Call Me" digital phone number indicator that is place outside Japanese cars and the USB Plug-in neon light. These two gadgets look totally weird and not that useful anyway but still some people find them important and cool.

A very typical site with a simple layout, unique content and post and a plain white color. My recommendation will be to add more zest to the blog, more content and life to it. It could be an interesting blog if label links will also be visible.


  • Layout - 4
  • Content - 6
  • Coherence - 8
  • Reach - 7
  • Readability - 3
  • Overall Rating - 5.6

With more focus on the improvement of the blog this site will be a source for informative information regarding tools, technology and gadgets. So visit Pixel-Shack now and be dazzled.


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