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Jericho, being nuked but staying alive

Posted by David D'Angelo Wednesday, March 12, 2008 ,

Jericho, the story of a new United States after it's 24 states suffer a nuclear attack from domestic yet unknown terrorist is one great story. This is a show that had been axed twice but was repeatedly requested by its avid fans to be shown again and they triumphed. For avid Jericho fans... Jericho Monster, a blog is featuring updates on this series as well as supporting the campaign to save Season 3 of the series.

I have just watched Season 2, Episode 4 of Jericho after the first 3 episodes of the season was leaked in the internet. The plot of the series starts to get interesting as new discoveries and alliances are being formed.

Jericho Monster takes the visitor to the outstanding story of Jericho as well as its other aspects like how the fans loves and will fight for this series to be on air. It also takes note on latest buzz related to it.


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  • Overall Rating - 7

1 Responses to Jericho, being nuked but staying alive

  1. AmyV Says:
  2. JerichoMonster is one of the top Jericho-related blogs out there. Thanks for taking note of Jane's hard work.

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