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Health and The Diet Pulpit

Posted by David D'Angelo Sunday, March 9, 2008

When I first read about this blog the question that came to me was, "Why a pulpit". If I remember it correctly a pulpit is a place where religious leaders do their sermon and preaching... is this religious dieting? Well the answer is... it is not but it is a quest towards being healthy and living healthy.

It’s about no more diets - instead Get healthy!. It’s about changing your attitude and creating the lifestyle you were meant to live, making your health your number one priority, feeling good about yourself (no matter what size you are), with a lot of silliness, a plethora of information, and a bit of fire and brimstone tossed in just for fun.

We promote health and fitness regardless of size, and encourage size acceptance. From our Pulpit (soapbox) we promote a holistic approach to getting healthy in body, mind, heart and spirit. We offer a buffet of topics served with wit and humor, spiced up by tackling current issues and fat facts, and garnished with useful infomation and the occasional oddity.

That's from Lady Rose herself, the founder and main author of The DIet Pulpit. Well I cannot agree more to what she is saying because I am also an advocate for organic products and healthy living though it is really difficult to stay healthy and eat healthy.

There are lot of delicious food out there but being delicious does not mean that it is also healthy.

This website promoted health in a holistic manner. It contains reviews of various products as well as websites related to the content... and also a very honest and straightforward disclosure policy. I admire you for that.

I am also fascinated with the use of the yin and yang symbol which connotes the balance of the universe. Well now here's my rating...

  • Layout - 8
  • Content - 8
  • Coherence - 8
  • Reach - 9
  • Readability - 8
  • Overall Rating - 8.2

1 Responses to Health and The Diet Pulpit

  1. Lady Rose Says:
  2. Thank you!!!!! What an awesome review, I'm still blushing.

    I put a post up about it with a link back on my blog.

    The reason for the title Diet Pulpit - intended as a bit of humor, that in order to loose weight you have to be as fantatical about it as a religious zealot - and that the point of the blog was to "preach" common sense and "health" but with a touch of humor. I used to have regular Sunday "weighty wisdom" sermons for a while too.

    I am glad you liked the layout - I actually spent a good amount of money to have it designed, but I wanted it to be unique and special.

    Thanks again for the reivew!

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