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We are Back! We will review your site and blogs! - In Marc 2008, I ave started a blog which make reviews on various Entrecard based blogs and by that time I have manage to review more than 200 blogs. I later on expanded it to all blogs even those not on Entreacard and to date I had made 248 blog reviews and then the site gets dormant and I get dormant to. But today, we revive this blog and relaunch it with a new vibrant template.

REVIEW #255. This is the first time in 2011 that I will be posting a blog post and review. I have decided to write again here because I have seen a lot of improvement on the website of the National Youth Commission (NYC) in the Philippines. is now more informative and a lot easier to understand.

The website is supposed to cater to the needs of the youth in the Philippines, NYC being the national commission which handles youth affairs and also supervises some training for the Sangguniang Kabataan or SK.

The website projects a more youthful look and really makes it more interesting for them. Although forums and other interactive features may appeal only to certain very active and socially inclined youth, it nevertheless provide an avenue for all.

NYC website also provides now an online registration for youth and youth serving organizations. This way the process of submitting documents will be a lot easier. It also adds a Sangguniang Kabataan page whereby people will know the "true" function of the SK.

The new features in the NYC website will be too much for me to say so anyway here goes my rating for or

  • Layout - 9
  • Content - 10
  • Coherence - 10
  • Reach - 1
  • Readability - 9
  • Originality - 10
  • Speed - 8
  • Interaction - 8
  • Value Added Service - 10. 
  • Update Frequency - 8
  • *** Overall Rating - 8.3/10
There are still things which can be improved. Sometimes, I am also trying to find out if more info is better than less information because the website might suffer information overload for other youth.

Anyway, congratulations National Youth Commission!

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I know this post is a little off-topic since I would not be making a blog review but instead would like to invite everyone to be part of and be a SULITIZEN. According to "The Delano Observer," a SULITIZEN is...

SULITIZEN is all about: Super saver products, Unique approach, Lively members and admins, Independent driven website, Technological savy, Intricate postings and products, Zestful member relations, Entrepreneur friendly and New design soon.

REVIEW #254. Everyone wants to have a good health but it seems the biggest threat to health is our society's environment and lifestyle today. Gladly there are blogs like Health Solutions which offers insights on how to live healthy and tips on a healthy lifestyle.

REVIEW #253. I find the writing style of Mei Velas-Suarin very addictive specially when he talks about the Philippines and about politics. Her new blog, Meilbox which is an offshoot of her former blog, "Light and Shade" had undergone a total makeover. A makeover to a new template and to a new platform.

REVIEW #252.Dan Gerald Gravela, decided to change his blog layout and also the name of his blog.  Dan had really been a person who has lots of sense of humor and also very political at times. His new blog title, "Eat-Log Mo Well Dan?" which dwells on poems, opinions and rants about life looks more subtle and more "emo" than before... though it look better as well.

REVIEW #251. When I first visited Blogger Bookmark I thought that I had stumbled into the website of Handyman. In the Philippines, Handyman is a store which offers do-it-yourself construction and assembly. Well, I said that because the site looks like a construction site or maybe a Daycare Center or Knowledge Website.

REVIEW #250.  This is my 250th review and what better way to do it than to review the site of a new found friend, Mark Marifosque.  Mark and I met during the ASUS Xtreme Power Club first meeting and well I am impressed with his knowledge on tech stuff.  Hence, I am not surprised when he decided to go for a blog and named it, "Byte-Mark."

REVIEW #249. It had been a long time since my last review and what a good time to start than with a site which talks about a better life.  Yes folks... indeed... "For Better People" talks about things which we don't usually see in a blog.  From discussions about freedom, beliefs, life and death and others this blog deals with it.

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